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Prevent Keyboard Setup Assistant

Screenshot of Keyboard Setup Assistant on macOS

The keyboard setup assistant can break your attack flow. To prevent that, you have to make the BadUSB appear as an Apple keyboard.


You can change the IDs to anything you want. Websites like have a database that you can search for registered USB devices.

This is how you make the USB Nova appear as a Apple Aluminium Keyboard with ISO layout:

  1. Connect your USB Nova in setup mode
  2. Open preferences.json in a text editor
  3. Change line "hid_vid": "16D0", to "hid_vid": "05AC",
  4. Change line "hid_pid": "11A4", to "hid_pid": "0250",
  5. Don't forget to save your changes

Next time you plugin your USB Nova, it will use these IDs, and the target computer will think its an Apple Keyboard.

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