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Firmware Update


If you're using the USB Nova mkII (based on the RP2040 with 15MB), follow the mkII update guide.

Download Firmware

How to update the firmware of your USB Nova:

  1. Put your USB Nova in setup mode using the switch on the side.
USB Nova Setup Mode
  1. Remove the Case.

Slide open top cover

Slide open top cover

Remove bottom cover

  1. Connect it to your computer.

Plug in USB Nova to USB port

  1. Double press the small reset button. The LED should then turn green.

Pressing reset button on USB Nova

  1. Download the latest .uf2 file from the release page.

Download firmware from GitHub

  1. Copy the downloaded uf2 file onto Nova drive. The Nova will update itself and reconnect.

Pasting uf2 file onto USB Nova drive


If you get "operation can’t be completed unexpected error 100093" on macOS, open a terminal and use this command to copy the uf2 file onto the drive:

cp USBNova.uf2 /Volumes/NOVA

(Make sure to use the correct path to the downloaded uf2 file)

  1. Put it back into its case

Press Nova into bottom cover

Press top cover onto bottom cover

Closed USB Nova

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